Putting all one’s eggs in one Basket: Relational contracts and the management of local public services

French municipalities often contract out the provision of local public services to private companies, and regularly choose the same private operator for a range of different services. We develop a model of relational contracts that shows how this strategy may lead to better performance at lower cost for public authorities. We test the implication of our model using an original database of the contractual choices made by 5000 French local public authorities in the years 2001, 2004 and 2008.

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Innovation and regulatory outcomes: Evidence from the public-private contracts for water supply in France

in « Governance, Regulation and Innovation: Theory and Evidence from Firms and Nations« 

Edited by Mehmet Ugur

Published on September 2013 by Edward-Elgar – 256 pages

This book aims to disentangle the complex relationship between innovation and its potential determinants, paying special attention to the roles of governance and regulatory frameworks, and the ways in which the latter interact with other drivers of innovation such as competition and the innovator’s closeness to the technology frontier.

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