Mapping and Strengthening Water and Sanitation Service Regulation in Argentina: from Diagnosis to Policy Recommendations

March 2020

In: Network Industries Quarterly

Maria Salvetti, Aziza Akhmouch, Antonio Cañamas-Catala*

Abstract : 

This article draws on a broader work on water governance in Argentina led by the OECD jointly with the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Water Policy of Argentina. It builds upon a one-year policy dialogue with 200+  stakeholders from public, private, non-profit sectors and representatives from across all levels of government in Argentina, which concluded with the publication of a report on Water Governance in Argentina (2019). Water and sanitation services (WSS) regulation in Argentina has been analysed using the OECD Water Governance Principles (Figure 1) as a reading template which provides a framework to understand whether water governance arrangements are performing optimally and help to adjust them where necessary.

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