June 7, 2013 2nd Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructure Industries

2nd Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructure Industries: Regulation in an Age of Convergence


June 7th, 2013

Florence School of Regulation
Florence (Italy)


The EPPP research group collaborates actively with the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) water group (http://fsr.eui.eu/water).We are also involved in the organization of this series of conferences on the regulation of infrastructures since 2012. This event is organized every year by the FSR in Florence.

The main infrastructures – energy, transport, and communications – have experienced significant liberalization processes over the past 30 years. Liberalization has generally been accompanied by market dynamics, as evidenced by the emergence of new entrants. But we have also witnessed a reinforcement of the historical operators (incumbents), which have often diversified into adjacent industries and even beyond, raising the question of their regulation as well as the question of the regulation of converging industries, as in the case of postal services and telecommunications, electricity and gas, or intermodal transport for that matter.

This evolution constitutes as many challenges for regulation, regulatory bodies and regulatory policy more generally. This conference aims at exploring these challenges for regulation and regulators across the infrastructures and in an interdisciplinary manner, combining engineering, economics, law, and political science.

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Related presentations:

  • Aarhaug Jorgen : Incentives for increasing efficiency in the railway sector
  • Akerboom Sanne : Distributed electricity and the EU and Dutch regulatory frameworks
  • Batura Olga : Conceptualising universal service in the face of technological convergence
  • Briglauer Wolfgang : The Impact of Regulation and Competition on the Adoption of Fibre-Based Broadband Services
  • Coublucq Daniel : Assessment of an Open Access Policy
  • Dierx Adriaan : Challenges for Competition policy in liberalised transport markets
  • Finger Matthias : Towards a new organization of French Railways
  • Fumagalli Elena : The role of output-based regulation in driving quality improvements in electricity distribution
  • Göksal Koray : Toward a Wider Market Definition in Broadband
  • Greinus Anne : Financing rail infrastructure by multi-annual performance contracts
  • Godward Ernest, and Holvad Torben : Railway Regulation in Europe: status and future perspectives
  • Lemstra Wolter, and Van Gorp Nicolai : Regulation is a necessary, but not sufficient condition to reach the final rung of the investment ladder
  • Lenz Ann-Katrin, and Bieschke Nils : The adequate level of incentives in infrastructure regulation in the light of investment needs
  • Pieriegud Jana : Regulation of rail industry in Poland
  • Romano Teresa : Comparing Feed-In Tariffs and Renewable Obligation Certificates
  • Seibt Claus : Implementing the European ITS directive in some member states
  • Trillas Francesc : The institutional architecture of regulation and competition


2nd Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructure Industries

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