June 21-22, 2018 7th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures

7th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures.
New network structures: decentralization, prosumers and the role of online platforms.

June 21st – 22nd, 2018

Florence School of Regulation
Florence (Italy)

The EPPP research group collaborates actively with the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) water group (http://fsr.eui.eu/water). We are also involved in the organization of this series of conferences on the regulation of infrastructures since 2012. This event is organized every year by the FSR in Florence.


The de- and re-regulation of the different network industries is an on-going process at both the national and global levels. As this process unfolds, ever new phenomena emerge, necessitating a constant reassessment of the content and objectives of regulation.

The rapidly evolving Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have significantly challenged the traditionally stable landscape of infrastructure services provision. The new data layer over the traditional infrastructure and service layers is transforming network industries: online platforms create new indirect network effects, they allow new service providers to enter the market (prosumers, sharing economy providers, etc.), and they challenge the central role of traditional infrastructure managers/service providers as entities ensuring the coordination of the sectors.

Offering traditional and new services in an innovative way is a growing trend among public authorities, traditional providers as well as new private operators, prosumers and platforms. However, together with great opportunities, disruptive innovations also give rise to new regulatory challenges, especially when it comes to infrastructure financing and the coordination of operations.

This 7th Florence Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures aims at taking stock of the major challenges infrastructure regulation is currently facing as a result of technology, indirect network effects, newly emerging network structures (decentralized networks, distributed networks, sharing economy), and new actors (prosumers, OTTs, platforms, etc).

Papers will be presented in different parallel sessions dedicated to the following infrastructure sectors:

  • Communications and media
  • Energy and Climate
  • Transport and mobility
  • Water distribution
  • Wastewater and waste management

We encourage contributions that link different infrastructure sectors, especially in light of the ICTs. Contributions utilizing multidisciplinary as well as interdisciplinary approaches to regulation are welcome. Papers linking academia and practice, as well as policy research papers are particularly encouraged.

The conference is intended for academics such as PhD students, PostDocs and Assistant/associate/full Professors as well as academically minded practitioners.


Conference Structure

The format of the Florence Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures is unique:

  • Each presenter has 45’, which includes 20’ of presentation, 10’ of qualified feedback and 15’ of discussion with the audience (there are only 2 papers per session, guaranteeing high quality);
  • Feedback will be given by senior professors associated with the Florence School of Regulation, who are specifically knowledgeable about the topic at hand;
  • Papers that will be retained for publication will receive additional feedback beyond the Conference.



  • Submission of the abstract until 15th January 2018 (word format download the guidelines) using the online form. For any issue regarding the submission, please contact Ms Nadia Bert at FSR.Transport@eui.eu;
  • Notification of acceptance by 19th February 2018;
  • Submission of the full paper by 26th May 2018; participants who fail to submit a full paper by this deadline will be automatically removed from the programme;
  • Conference on 21st and 22nd June 2018 in Florence (Italy).


Conference fee

150 EUR – A limited number of partial fee waivers for PhD students are available. Please contact FSR.Transport@eui.eu for further information.


Publication opportunities

  • Papers will qualify for the Journal Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, which is published by Sage as of 2017.
  • A summary of the 4-5 best papers will have the chance to be published in the dedicated issue of the Network Industries Quarterly (Issue 19, Vol 3, September 2018).


Scientific Committee

  • Simone Borghesi (EUI, Part-time professor, Energy & Climate Area of the FSR. Siena University, Professor)
  • Matthias Finger (EUI, Part-time professor and Director of the Transport Area of the FSR. EPFL, Professor and Director of the Chair of Management of Network Industries)
  • Jean-Michel Glachant (EUI, Robert Schuman Chair, Director of the FSR, Director of the Energy & Climate Area of the FSR, Holder of the Loyola de Palacio Chair)
  • Pier Luigi Parcu (EUI, Part-time professor, Director of the Communications and Media Area of the FSR, ENTraNCE, and CMPF)
  • Stéphane Saussier (EUI, Part-time professor and Director of the Water Area of the FSR. IAE de Paris, Professor and Director of the EPPP Research Group)



Call for papers

Sample for abstracts’ submission



Registration for this event is subject to availability and will be opened only after the completion of the abstracts’ selection. If you need more information, please contact fsr.transport@eui.eu.