June 15, 2012 1st Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructure Industries

1st Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructure Industries


June 15th, 2012

Florence School of Regulation
Florence (Italy)


The EPPP research group collaborates actively with the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) water group (http://fsr.eui.eu/water).We are also involved in the organization of this series of conferences on the regulation of infrastructures since 2012. This event is organized every year by the FSR in Florence.

The main infrastructures – energy, transport, and communications – have experienced significant liberalization processes over the past 30 years. Liberalization has generally been accompanied by market dynamics, as evidenced by the emergence of new entrants. But we have also witnessed a reinforcement of the historical operators (incumbents), which have often diversified into adjacent industries and even beyond, raising the question of their regulation as well as the question of the regulation of converging industries, as in the case of postal services and telecommunications, electricity and gas, or intermodal transport for that matter.

This evolution constitutes as many challenges for regulation, regulatory bodies and regulatory policy more generally. This conference aims at exploring these challenges for regulation and regulators across the infrastructures and in an interdisciplinary manner, combining engineering, economics, law, and political science.

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  • Albon Rob : International Insights on Design and Process for Better Economic Regulation of Infrastructure
  • Asquer Alberto : The Challenge of Implementing Infrastructure Regulatory Reforms in Multi-level Governance Systems
  • Pontoni Federico, and Benedettini Simona : Electricity Distribution Investments: No Country for Old Rules? A Critical Overview of UK and Italian Regulations
  • Bottasso Anna, and Conti Maurizio : Low Cost Carriers and Airports Performance: Empirical Evidence from a panel of UK Airports 
  • Briglauer Wolfang, Ecker Georg, and Gugler Klaus : Regulation and Investment in Next Generation Access Networks: Recent Evidence from the European Member States 
  • Celho Gonçalo : Leveling the Playing field in the Radio Spectrum: Recent US Experience 
  • Corkin Joseph, and Boeger Nina : Resilient Networks: Institutional Inertias in Regulating Telecoms and Energy 
  • Crettenand Nicolas, and Finger Matthias : The Alignment Between Institutions and Technologies in Network Industries
  • Ming-Zhi Gao Anton : Regulating Electricity Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure in the Past and Latest Phases of Electricity Liberalization in Taiwan: Lesson of the Unbundling and Open Access Framework of Europe 
  • Rious Vincent, Saguan Marcelo, Glachant Jean-Michel, Khalfallah Haikel, and Perez Yannick : Implementing Incentive Regulation with Bounded Regulator
  • Growitsch Christian, Stronzik Markus, and Nepal Rabindra : Price Convergence and Information Efficiency in German Natural Gas Markets 
  • Dehornoy Julien, and Gueguen Anne-Elise : Exploring the Principles of Infrastructure Pricing Regulation in the Rail Sector 
  • Jovanic Tatjana : The Modalities of Consumer Participation in Regulating Infrastructures
  • Juranek Steffen : International Competition and Vertical Integration in Rail Transportation 
  • Kopp Andreas : Fairness, Efficiency and the Simultaneity of Pricing and Infrastructure Capacity Choice 
  • Brimont Jean-Marc, and Poillion Christophe : Making “Incentive Regulation” Smart : The Case of French Regulation for Gas TSOs 
  • Creti Anna, Bonacina Monica, and Pontoni Federico : Dynamic Efficiency in the Italian Water Distribution Sector: Does Ownership Matter? 
  • Saussier Stéphane, Silverman Brian, and Chong Eshien : Water under the Bridge: When and How Do Municipalities Change Organizational Forms in the Provision of Water?
  • Vapa-Tankosic Jelena, Medovic Vladimir, and Stojsavljevic Miroslav : Further Challenges Ahead of Western Balkan Countries Transport Reforms: Case of Comprehensive Development of Danube Inland Waterway Networks 
  • Nikogosian Vigen, and Veith Tobias : Vertical Integration, Separation and Non-Price Discrimination: An Empirical Analysis of German Electricity Markets for Residential Customers 
  • Ropuszynska-Surma Edyta, and Weglarz Magdalena : Regional Energy Strategy as a Guideline for the Novel Regulation Process 
  • Kabinga Mundia, Eberhard Anton, Markard Jochen, and Worch Hagen : Why the Lights Went Out: A Capability Perspective on Power Outages in South Africa 



1st Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructure Industries


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