14 et 15 juin 2010 International Conference « Contracts, Procurement, and Public-Private Arrangements »

International Conference

« Contracts, Procurement, and Public-Private Arrangements »

June 14-15, 2010
Paris Sorbonne, Amphithéâtre Louis Liard

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The Program

This conference focuses on the recent developments in contract theories. Papers are invited on all topics of contract theories including:

  • relational contracting,
  • transaction costs,
  • renegotiations,
  • incentives,
  • attribution mechanisms,
  • incomplete contracting,
  • contract design, etc.
  • Benchmarking

Papers presented may be theoretical or applied. A special attention will be given to proposals addressing issues related to procurement and public-private arrangements.

The conference will bring together academics, policymakers and practitioners to discuss those issues. The conference format will be designed to facilitate informal interactions among participants and promote future collaborations.

Keynote lectures

Giacomo Calzolari, U. of Bologna

Patrick Rey, Toulouse School of Economics

Pablo Spiller, Haas School of Business, Berkeley