13 february 2020 – Water Regulation: Paving the Road for 2020

FSR workshop on Water Regulation: Paving the Road for 2020

This seminar is organized in cooperation with the EPPP research group of the Sorbonne Business School. In this seminar hosted in Florence, we will work on water investment needs in Europe as well as on water tariff regulation, discussing the 2019 European Water Regulators’ report (WAREG).

We will discuss in depth the variety of water tariff regulations in Europe and the way to foster water investments where it is needed. We will also address the question of regulation, investments, and social objectives.

The seminar will bring together academics, representatives from EU institutions, representatives from regulatory authorities, lawyers and economic consultants, and members of industry for the debate.

Invited speakers include:

  • Antonella Bancalari, London School of Economics
  • Ivaylo Kastchiev, Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC)
  • Stéphane Straub, Toulouse School of Economics
  • Paola Valbonesi, University of Padova
  • Kathleen Dominique, OECD
  • Laura Brien, Commission for Regulation of Utilities in Ireland (CRU)

Participation in this workshop is open subject to availability. Priority will be given to FSR Donors and invited guests.

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