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Water LPEs in Cities: Three Case Studies

Numéro: 2014-13 Marianne Audette-Chapdelaine, Michael Klien et Maria Salvetti – Water LPEs in Cities: Three Case Studies Abstract: The failure or success of providing public services like drinking water through different institutional arrangements may depend crucially and in a non-trivial way from the administrative capacity. A strand of literature deals with this question and what administrative capacities are required for governments to…

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Local Public Enterprises: A Taxonomy

Numéro: 2014-12 Stéphane Saussier et Michael Klien – Local Public Enterprises: A Taxonomy Abstract: Local public enterprises (LPE) represent a popular mode of public service delivery in OECD countries. In Europe, where the use of LPEs is particularly pronounced, local governments use not only public enterprises integrated into the administration but also 16,000 legally independent organizations, which they own at least…

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Organizational Choices Under Uncertainty: Four Essays on Public-Private Partnerships in France Décembre 2014  

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